Two CMC students make a presentation Community Asset Mapping during a Human Service course in a CMC Glenwood Springs classroom.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Services

Help people live better. Prepare for a career helping others.

This program is for anyone interested in the human services fields and includes specific focus in the areas of psychology, relationships, behavioral modification, addictions, self-help, sustainable human development, abuse, positive psychology, mental health, and family dynamics. It also offers certificates for certified addiction technicians and specialists.

Employers need qualified individuals to support the social and emotional development of our mountain communities, now more than ever. If you’re already pursuing an associate degree in psychology, social work, or addictions studies, this program is your pathway to a relevant and valuable bachelor’s degree.

The Bachelor of Arts in Human Services emphasizes the unique aspects of human services in rural communities, and prepares students to gain entry-level positions in businesses, schools, hospitals, recovery centers, government agencies, community organizations, and prepares students for graduate school programs in most areas of human services.

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