Medical Assistant Careers and Jobs

Start a stable and rewarding career with a degree from Colorado Mountain College

Medical assistant is one of the 30 fastest-growing occupations! Demand in Colorado in particular is projected to increase by 54 percent within the next six years. Now's the time to get the training you need and jump into a rewarding and stable field.

Colorado Mountain College prepares you for a job as:

  • A medical office assistant
  • A medical billing specialist
  • A medical file clerk
  • An anesthesiologist assistant

We also give you the opportunity to work in local offices for valuable hands-on experience. Colorado Mountain College has well-established relationships with several practitioners who are pleased to provide internship opportunities and in some cases, employment after graduation. A recent health care survey reported that the career in the Colorado Mountain College District with the most urgent shortage is medical administrative assistant.

If you are already employed in the health care field, this program is a perfect way to grow. Many employers are willing to cover the expenses of professional development. Check with your current employer about these opportunities.