a CMC biology class in the field along a river near Leadville

Natural Resource Management Degree Program

The Natural Resource Management program at Colorado Mountain College Leadville combines a spectacular location, outdoor classrooms, and experienced faculty

The Natural Resource Management program integrates a strong scientific foundation with field-based and experiential learning. The program is designed for students interested in the fundamental properties of ecological restoration and management of diverse ecosystems.

Outdoor Classrooms

Study in high altitude Rocky Mountain environments, from ridge tops to rivers, with access to an authentic Natural Resource Management laboratory.  Students practice effective communication with peers and instructors while working collaboratively in a supportive learning environment.

Experiential Learning from Environmental Experts

Join a close-knit community of students, staff, and faculty whose passion for natural resource science extends beyond the classroom. Experienced instructors will facilitate learning in the physical and life sciences. Explore historic mining districts, study wilderness areas, and collaborate on projects that impact local ecosystems.

Rocky Mountain Land Management Internship

Work part-time with the USFS while earning a Sustainability Studies degree.

Environmental Career Paths

This unique program provides the skills needed for entry-level positions. Graduates take their hands-on education into rewarding careers in private industry and government.

Colorado’s environmental job market is strong and growing. The Natural Resource Management program exposes students to a breadth of opportunities and potential careers. Discover your passions and gain experience to effectively navigate the dynamic job market.

Enhance your Education

Students will leave the classroom with in-depth career experience, beyond what most two-year programs offer. Additionally, students have the opportunity to pursue a Geographic Information System (GIS) certificate to strengthen relevant skills.


An interdisciplinary team of environmental professionals from government, academia, and private industry comprise the advisory board for the Natural Resource Management academic program. The advisory board keeps the NRM program on the forefront of natural resource management. Students work closely with instructors and project partners, building professional connections through networking opportunities.


Our experiential learning approach prepares graduates to transfer to a four-year undergraduate institution, work as an entry level Field Technician, or complete a Bachelor’s degree at CMC. These students find careers in the areas of:

  • Hydrology
  • Forestry
  • Fishery and Wildlife Biology
  • Rangeland Management
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism
  • Geology
  • Watershed Science

Christy Cleaver

“The NRM program at CMC exposed me to an abundance of interests involving our natural world and gave me the confidence needed to continue to pursue my education.”

Christy Cleaver transferred to Colorado State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Forest Biology and Natural Resource Management. After hiking the Appalachian Trail, she is attending Colorado State University’s graduate program in Ecology, studying Forest Pathology. She is now a Plant Pathologist with the U.S. Forest Service. Read more: Christy Cleaver

Jacqueline Kniss

“NRM and CMC are great because you learn and gain experience in the best environment possible through the amazing faculty, industry equipment, field work and networking opportunities in the program.”

Jacqueline Kniss enrolled in Colorado Mountain College’s Natural Resource Management Technician program after earning a bachelor’s degree at another college in order to gain more practical, hands on experience in her field. After graduating from CMC in 2012, she was hired by the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife, where she is working on a study of bighorn sheep survival rates in the Arkansas River Valley. Read more: Jacqueline Kniss

Rocky Mountain Land Management Internship Awarded Forester’s Honor


At the Regional Forester’s Honor Award ceremony: Nathan L. Stewart, Program Director and Associate Prof of Sustainability Studies; Autumn Grennier, Rocky Mountain Land Management Fellow serving White River National Forest; Brian Ferebee, Regional Forester for the Rocky Mountain Region; Eric Ganshert, Rocky Mountain Land Management Fellow serving Routt National Forest.

Awarded for Innovation

The Rocky Mountain Land Management Internship (RMLMI), Colorado Mountain College’s U.S. Forest Service internship program, has been recognized for its innovation.

The USDA/U.S. Forest Service awarded the RMLMI Program the Regional Forester’s Honor Award for its innovative work in creating and implementing the CMC-Forest Service program and partnership on March 14, 2018.

This summer, interns will embark on 960 hours of field work, research, and training, in service to the White River and Routt National Forests.

Learn more about the Rocky Mountain Land Management Internship