Natural Resource Management Faculty & Staff

NRM instructors have real-world natural resource management experience

Learn from faculty and staff who are experienced in solving real world problems for industry, non-profit groups, and government.

Your instructors are professionals who work in local land reclamation projects, assist the government, monitor water quality and assess environmental impacts. Their expertise is especially strong in real-world environmental and natural resource management issues.

NRM Faculty & Field Institute Staff

Headshot of Kira Minehart, Assistant Professor of GIS and Field Science at Colorado Mountain College Leadville

Minehart, Kira

Kira Minehart

Assistant Professor of Geographic Information Systems and Field Science
719-786-4222 |

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Photo: Dirk Rasmussen

Rasmussen, Dirk

Dirk Rasmussen

Project Manager, Natural Resource Management
719-486-4239 |

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Photo: Katherine Warner

Warner, Katherine

Dr. Katherine Warner

Natural Resource Management Program Director
719-486-4057 |

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