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Physics at Colorado Mountain College

Study for your Associate of Science in the Mountains

Make the Rocky Mountains your classroom! Study weather on a mountaintop or sample water from a snowmelt stream. Learn about the forces that shaped the earth as you walk through river canyons and glacial valleys. Our science programs include:

The Associate of Science at Colorado Mountain College is an exciting way to start your four-year bachelor of science (BS) degree. It is part of the Colorado Statewide Guaranteed Transfer (GT) program. This program applies to all Colorado public institutions of higher education and guarantees transfer of your credits to a four-year college or university where you can pursue specialized study during your junior and senior years. In addition to learning science and math, you will learn communications and humanities or social sciences. This combination of science and liberal arts courses builds a solid academic foundation for continued studies at a four-year college or university.

Small classes provide personal and focused attention from teachers. If you have difficulty understanding a subject, you can spend extra time with your professor after class.

Hands-on Associate of Science Education

Each Colorado Mountain College campus focuses on special areas in science for our Associate of Science two-year degree program. Leadville emphasizes biology, chemistry and environmental concerns. Spring Valley is equipped for chemistry and physics courses and also emphasizes biology and geology.

Physics and biology are strong at Steamboat Springs, which is equipped with a science lab for both. These campuses also offer classes in many other scientific subjects. Breckenridge/Dillon offers this degree with a range of science and math courses.

Networked computer labs provide current hardware, software and broadband internet connection for our Associate of Science degree program.

Outside the classroom, the Rocky Mountain West is your science laboratory. You might study geology in the Colorado San Juan Mountains or in the Grand Canyon, biology on a mountainside with a herd of bighorn sheep, or astronomy on a clear mountain night. Field trips like these are offered frequently.

Science teachers at Colorado Mountain College enjoy showing students how science works in the world around them, not just on the chalkboard.