Curriculum for Real Estate Certificate

See the program curriculum (below) as published in the current CMC Catalog. Click on the blue course titles to see course details.


The Real Estate Certificate’s curriculum gives students the skills needed for success as a Real Estate Associate Broker. Students will earn the required 168 hours of course work in order to apply for the associate broker license.

Program Outcomes/Competencies

  1. Acquire knowledge of key Real Estate terminology.
  2. Understand Federal Real Estate Laws.
  3. Acquire knowledge of current Real Estate issues.
  4. Develop proficiency in current Colorado Real Estate legal forms.
  5. Acquire knowledge of Colorado Statutory relationships.
  6. Acquire knowledge of Colorado Record-keeping for Trusts and Closings.
  7. Develop foundational knowledge of current Colorado Real Estate Statutes and Regulations.
  8. Proficiency in computing closing costs.
  9. Basic knowledge in the use of computer literacy, mathematical calculations, standard practices, and effective written and oral communication.
  10. Develop foundational knowledge of Brokers’ fiduciary responsibilities.

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