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SnowSports Industries America and Colorado Mountain College partnered to create the first industry-wide certification and testing center for the snow sports industry.

The SIA Certification is a nationally-recognized, industry-standard benchmark. The CMC/SIA program consists of courses and tests in areas including:

  • Retail Management and employees
  • Marketing
  • Sales Representatives

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Retail Employee

Evans, Elliot
Ferrerio-O'loughlin, Patrick
Harr, Chase
Kruse, Jackson
Seger, Zackary

Retail Manager

Clegg, Andrew
Combest, Brandon
Ferrerio-O'loughlin, Patrick
Harr, Chase
Kruse, Jackson
Morris, Ashley
Womer, Anastassia

Wholesale & Buying

Harr, Chase
Irlandini, Gabriel
Lamade, Deet
Loewen, Nash