Sustainability Leadership Certificate

CMc sustainabilty program students show their posterboard projects.

Sustainability Leadership Certificate

Increase your employment opportunities, and become a community leader!

Enhance your resume and become a leader in the community by taking Bachelor’s level sustainability classes at CMC. If you take 15 credits, you will earn a certificate in Sustainability Leadership. Sustainability Leadership is the latest competency that adds real value to any resume. In addition, the robust classes will help you gain the knowledge you need to make a positive impact in your workplace, home environment and community.

This program is perfect for:

  • People who already have a bachelor’s degree or higher and want to gain additional skills in this emerging field that is applicable in any workplace.

Learn important knowledge and skills in:

  • Sustainable Business
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Agroecology
  • Energy Systems
  • Cultural and Placed-based Equity

Here's what local business leaders are saying:

“…the Sustainability Leadership program will provide students a keystone of tools and skills necessary to facilitate the transition of our community to one that is healthier, safer, more resilient, and with improved economic development opportunities.” – Adam Palmer, Eagle County Environmental Policy Planner

“I find that many businesses are looking for a way to integrate sustainability into their core values, and charge a current employee with doing so. These employees would benefit greatly from an accessible certificate program that will help them understand the basics of leadership and behavior change as it relates to environmental stewardship in an organization, as well as fundamental economic, social, climate, and ecological impacts of sustainability programs.” – Kristen Bertuglia, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

“… Workers trained in the concept of sustainability and leadership will be better positioned to implement change in a business which is beneficial for both the environment and the bottom line. I believe this field of study should increasingly be offered at all levels of education.” – Markian Feduschak, Executive Director, Walking Mountains Science Center

Requirements and Course Information

Requirements for the Certificate are successful completion of 15 credits with a ‘C’ or better in the following classes:

  • SUS 3000 - Foundations of Sustainability 3.0 Credits
  • SUS 3010 - Systems Thinking & Sustainability 3.0 Credits
  • SUS 3210 - Leadership, Ethics, & Social Responsibility 3.0 Credits
  • SUS 4500 - Sustainability Assessment and Reporting 3.0 Credits

Plus 3 elective credits from any Sustainability offerings of the college – At least one of the three required classes must be completed prior to signing up for elective credits.

Examples of elective credits available:

  • Agroecology
  • Fostering Sustainable Behavior
  • Sustainable Economics
  • Conservation Biology
  • Introduction to Energy
  • Sustainability Internship

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