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Hands-on Learning in Sustainability Studies

From classroom to forest: opportunities to join in a variety of clubs and activities

As a Sustainability Studies student, you’ll have a chance to apply what you’re learning in the classroom to the sustainability challenges we face in communities and globally. Our program stresses development of critical thinking and excellent reading, research, and writing skills among our students.

We want each of our students to have the opportunity to be admitted to excellent graduate school programs so that those who choose to do so might advance their education and their career opportunities through earning a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate in a field relevant to sustainability.

We also value hands-on learning for our students as a means for them to gain experience and make professional connections useful for moving directly into sustainability work upon graduation. Hands-on learning opportunities open to you include research and writing based work for businesses and organizations as well as getting your hands dirty with projects in local food, recycling, youth education, campus operations, event planning and coordination, community organizing, and more.

Seek out opportunities for hands-on learning through your Sustainability Studies courses and through participating in student clubs. Talk with your professors about your ideas and interests so that they can help guide you to relevant opportunities at your campus and in your community.

Rocky Mountain Land Management Internship

Work part-time with the USFS while earning a Sustainability Studies degree.

Service / Organizations / Clubs

Sustainability in Bhutan: Learning in the Land of Happiness

The Sustainability Studies students were invited by Royal Thimphu College to travel to the remote Asian country of Bhutan for an academic field experience during the fall of 2018. Following are blog posts by students and faculty.

Daily Wrap Up

By Sunny Frost

In an effort to savor the conversations we had while traveling on wheels, I had decided to record a conversation about our shared experience thus far. This particular conversation began comparing the archery competition we had just watched to competitive disc golf. The previous day, we were captivated by a discussion lead by Dr. Tashi Zangmo of her journey to… Continue Reading: Daily Wrap Up

Bhutan’s Future Craftsmen

By Chelsea Elliott

We visited the Choki Traditional Arts School on the outskirts of Thimphu. The Choki school promotes craftsmanship, education, art, talent and youth development. You can see this through the school with the dedicated students harnessing their chosen craft. I enjoyed walking through the classrooms and watching the artwork that was being created by the students. The amount of patience and… Continue Reading: Bhutan’s Future Craftsmen

Photo; Paul (author) experiencing a true happiness amid prayer flags and friends

Who is truly happy? What is true happiness?

By Paul Agneberg

Learning about Bhutan, one learns about their system of measuring progress named ‘Gross National Happiness’. One’s instant reaction is that Bhutan is some magical place where the whole populace is constantly happy, smiling, and singing songs; but that is far from reality. The people of Bhutan have the same hopes, desires and joys as well as anger, pain, and suffering… Continue Reading: Who is truly happy? What is true happiness?

CMC is committed to sustainability. We intend to reduce the college’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 12.5% every 5 years until carbon neutrality is reached in the year 2050.

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