Curriculum for Veterinary Technology (AAS)

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Learning Outcomes for Veterinary Technology

The Vet Tech Program’s curriculum is designed to train students to be quality technicians who assist doctors of veterinary medicine. Students can expect to gain the following skills at the completion of the Vet Tech program.

Program Outcomes/Competencies

  1. Communicate in a professional manner in all formats- written, oral, non-verbal, and electronic.
  2. Participate in facility management utilizing traditional and electronic media and appropriate veterinary medical terminology and abbreviations.
  3. Follow and uphold applicable laws and the veterinary technology profession’s ethical codes to provide high quality care to patients.
  4. Safely and effectively administer prescribed drugs to patients.
  5. Accurately dispense and explain prescribed drugs to clients.
  6. Demonstrate and perform patient assessment techniques in a variety of animal species.
  7. Understand and demonstrate husbandry, nutrition, therapeutic and dentistry techniques appropriate to various animal species.
  8. Safely and effectively manage patients in all phases of anesthetic procedures.
  9. Safely and effectively select, utilize and maintain anesthetic delivery and monitoring instruments and equipment.
  10. Understand and integrate all aspects of patient management for common surgical procedures in a variety of animal species.
  11. Understand and provide the proper instruments, supplies, and environment to maintain asepsis during surgical procedures.
  12. Properly package, handle and store specimens for laboratory analysis.
  13. Safely and effectively produce diagnostic radiographic and non-radiographic images.
  14. Safely and effectively handle common laboratory animals used in animal research.
  15. Understand the approach to providing safe and effective care for birds, reptiles, amphibians, rabbits and ferrets.

Colorado Mountain College Veterinary Technician is an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited Career Technical Education program.