CMC Wilderness EMS Certification class training with helicopter in the backcountry.

Careers for Certified Wilderness EMTs

A certificate from CMC's Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician program makes the great outdoors your workplace

The outdoor industry is a growth industry. And the field of medical training for outdoor professionals is in a tremendous growth phase.  A huge demand currently exists for wilderness medical training, both EMT and EMS.

Government and private land managers are requiring a “wilderness” certification along with the pre-hospital training.  These organizations and businesses include the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management, ecologists and foresters, guides, outdoor education counselors and outfitters.

In addition to outdoor and recreational positions, the certified WEMS is trained and qualified as an EMT or in EMS to work in a traditional “urban” setting as well.

The need for expedition medical support ranging from paramedics to physicians is also on the rise as popular high-altitude expeditions to places like Everest, Denali and Kilimanjaro. Expeditions in general are on the rise as more people search for the ultimate “high-risk” adventure. If you're an EMT or have EMS training, a world of job and career possibilities are open to you.

Life after WEMS

After graduating our students are likely to be found…

  • Working as a ski patroller and EMT at a local ski area
  • An active team member for Summit County Search and Rescue
  • Working as an EMT in a local mountain clinic to gain more medical experience
  • Working as park rangers in state and federal parks
  • Working as medical and wilderness rescue educators
  • Working as an outdoor educator or guide (raft guiding, climbing, mountaineering)
  • Joining the special forces to become an army medic, ranger or PJ
  • Continuing their education and getting their paramedic certification

“The WEMS program at CMC Breckenridge prepared me to take my career to the next level. It gave me the foundation necessary to work in mountain ranges across the western US.

Whether I’m navigating with clients across enormous glaciers to the summits of active volcanoes in the Cascades, instructing new rock climbers how to belay on the classic crags in Clear Creek Canyon or backpacking with outdoor education students through the Fossil Ridge Wilderness, I am confident the highly experienced faculty at CMC prepared me to provide a safe and rewarding experience.”

– Jere Burrell

photo - graduate Jere Burrell climbing