Student Planning Help Videos

Student studies on his laptop in the library at CMC Steamboat Springs

Student Planning is a web-based tool where you can search for classes, plan your degree and view your academic progress and can be accessed through Basecamp

Use the videos below to help guide your through the Student Planning Portal and if you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office

970-945-8691 or

Student Planning 101

How do I search & register for a specific class?

I added courses to my schedule, how do I register?

How can I Drop a Class?

How did my credits transfer?

How can I search only for courses fulfilling a specific degree requirement?

Did my SAT, Accuplacer or other test scores get posted to my record?

Where can I download my unofficial transcripts?

Where can I see my grades?

How do I use search filters?

Where can I see my class schedule?