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How Annexation Works

The process by which a taxing district and college create a partnership, to bring a campus to the community.
By law, annexation requires approval of voters in both the existing CMC district and each of the school districts desiring to join the district.

Currently, Salida and Chaffee County are a part of the CMC “service area.” This means that CMC serves Chaffee County, and students enjoy a lower tuition than other parts of the state, but do not have a physical campus or full-time faculty and staff in their area.

Annexation is the process by which the Salida School District, which includes the towns of Salida and Poncha Springs, and CMC agree to partner in a new campus in Salida. This will also allow students from Salida and Poncha Springs to have even lower tuition and CMC will put a campus in their community and broaden the scope of course offerings.

Both the Salida School Board and CMC Board of Trustees have voted to allow the voters of Salida and Poncha Springs to tax themselves in order to help support the partnership.

This is the Salida School District bringing CMC in to its taxing district.

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