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Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative

You can receive up to $4,000 based on your program of study and financial need

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Reduce the cost of higher education with the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI). The Colorado Department of Higher Education and matching donors are making higher education accessible and affordable for students.

COSI scholarships provide financial and student support in and out of the classroom. With scholarships from COSI, you can avoid student debt. The scholarship income can also reduce your need to work, help with child care costs, rent and other living expenses.

At Colorado Mountain College, you can fill out just one application for all the COSI scholarships. We will help navigate you to the scholarship that best fits your circumstances and needs.


Please review the COSI Scholarships & Eligibility for more information. All students that meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply COSI scholarships.

Meet/contact the COSI Staff 

Steps to be a COSI Scholar

  • 1 Submit and sign COSI Scholarship Application & Agreement.
  • 2 Once accepted, work with your designated COSI point of contact.
  • 3 Complete your degree!

COSI funds are first come, first serve and our 2024/2025 application will be available soon. Please submit your information to be contacted when we release the 2024/2025 COSI Application.

Please see COSI Scholarships & Eligibility to see if you are eligible for this funding.

Ana Gallardo

Back to Work: Ana Gallardo

“I started school as a young mom, years ago, but I wasn’t financially stable, so I dropped out,” she said.

Ana was able to return to school thanks to a Back to Work scholarship, which has allowed her to focus more clearly on her studies, as well as her clinical work in the community and at facilities in Grand Junction and Denver. Read more: Back to Work: Ana Gallardo

Nikki Johnson

Finish What You Started: Nikki Johnson

“It’s nice to know there are these kinds of [financial] programs available for people who don’t go to college right out of high school.” Read more: Finish What You Started: Nikki Johnson

Katie Fielder standing at the back of an ambulance.

Finish What You Started: Katie Anderson

“It’s been super helpful,” she said. “Especially at this stage of my life, with kids and a family. I’m getting great experience working on an ambulance and I’m slowly taking classes for the paramedic certificate.” Read more: Finish What You Started: Katie Anderson

Miranda Murphy

Finish What You Started: Miranda Murphy

“I was coming back to college after 20 years so it was right down my alley,” Miranda said of the grant. “It really helps out because I’m a full-time student, I’m an older student and have things like a mortgage.” Read more: Finish What You Started: Miranda Murphy

Erikka Saueressig

Finish What You Started: Erikka Saueressig

“Last semester, we had to get rabies vaccines shots [for a class] for ourselves and I paid for it with that money,” she said. “That was around $800. It’s also helped me pay my bills.” Read more: Finish What You Started: Erikka Saueressig