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Spanish Programs and Courses at Colorado Mountain College

Spanish Emphasis - Associate of Arts Degree

CMC offers Spanish Language I-IV, a series of transfer-level courses. The goal of the Spanish Language series is to develop students' Spanish language receptive skills in listening and reading comprehension, and their productive skills in speaking and writing. We do this within a context of learning about cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

See the full description in the CMC Catalog:  Spanish Emphasis (AA)

Conversational Spanish and Certificate Program

CMC offers Conversational Spanish through a series of five courses that focus on community members who wish to develop conversational Spanish skills. Students will gain the necessary skills to understand and speak Spanish.

This is a series of courses at a variety of levels, so community members that already have some level of proficiency can continue to develop their skills.  These skills are developed within a cultural context as we explore the cultures of the Spanish speaking world, including our own communities.  For more information, contact Professor Carol Koch, 970-569-2914,

See the full description in the CMC Catalog: Spanish Proficiency: Comprehensive (COC) and Spanish Proficiency: Conversational (COC)

Online Anytime Spanish Language Series

This series of asynchronous, online courses classes is available to all CMC students regardless of their campus. If you have questions regarding placement or about these academic Spanish courses, please contact Dr. Sara Smith, 970-947-8459,

Study Abroad

Each summer semester, CMC offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Spanish Language and a particular culture of the Spanish speaking world.  Link to CMC’s Study Abroad page where there is information about all of CMC’s international programs.  Contact Professor Carol Koch Professor Carol Koch, 970-569-2914,, for information about Spanish immersion opportunities.

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