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Life on campus is full. You’ll meet people from around the world and down the street. Clubs, events and mornings over coffee stimulate new ideas and energy. To get involved keep an eye on the calendar on your campus’s page. Or like the CMC Facebook page. Living on campus brings its own rewards. Check out Residence Halls.

Besides the on-campus community, you’ll find rich experiences off-campus. Our mountain communities are full of interesting people with energetic enterprises. Some have started companies to make outdoor gear, others create new media for national clients or work for sustainability in this region and beyond. Colorado Mountain College has many local partnerships that enhance your life and learning.

Connect in the classroom, residence hall room, student lounge or local coffee shop. It’s one more way that Colorado Mountain College helps you Climb Beyond!

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Miranda Murphy

Finish What You Started: Miranda Murphy

“I was coming back to college after 20 years so it was right down my alley,” Miranda said of the grant. “It really helps out because I’m a full-time student, I’m an older student and have things like a mortgage.” Read more: Finish What You Started: Miranda Murphy

Erikka Saueressig

Finish What You Started: Erikka Saueressig

“Last semester, we had to get rabies vaccines shots [for a class] for ourselves and I paid for it with that money,” she said. “That was around $800. It’s also helped me pay my bills.” Read more: Finish What You Started: Erikka Saueressig

Craig Childs

An uncommon encounter with Craig Childs

Ravens are superior to humans – and to every other creature. That’s the way these large, smart and sometimes boisterous black birds perceive it anyway, according to Craig Childs. Childs writes of numerous profound encounters he’s had around the world with ravens and dozens of other animals, from mosquitoes to jaguars to bighorn sheep, in “The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild.” The book is Colorado Mountain College’s 2022 Common Reader. Read more: An uncommon encounter with Craig Childs