Contact the TRIO Student Support Services Staff

Kristin Anderson

Anderson, Kristin

Kristin Anderson

TRIO SSS Coordinator
970-569-2934 |

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Kristal Bertonneau

Bertonneau, Kristal

Kristal Bertonneau

TRIO Student Support Services Director
719-486-4203 |
Pronouns: She/Her

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Cameron, Kearstin

Kearstin Cameron

TRIO Success Center Coordinator
970-947-8282 |

CMC Spring Valley & Carbondale
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Krebill, Chloe

Chloe Krebill

Campus Fiscal Manager
970-625-6907 |

CMC Rifle
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Osten, Katherine

Katherine Osten, MA

Director of TRIO Student Support Services Vail Valley and Edwards Campuses
970-569-2938 |

CMC Vail Valley at Edwards
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Phillips, Amy

Amy Phillips

TRIO Student Support Services Coordinator
970-870-4533 |

CMC Steamboat Springs
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