Degree & Career Exploration

Why is Career Exploration Important?

Though some CMC students know exactly what their career path is going to be, many are not so sure. Most students coming to college are undecided at first. It's important to collect a variety of information in career decision-making in order to improve the likelihood of satisfaction in one's chosen path. Some information you'll need include:

  • Awareness about yourself, including your interests, values, personality, skills and talents
  • Factual information about different career options, like what skills and level of education are needed.
  • Understanding the demand for your chosen career path, whether locally, within the state of Colorado or nationally.

Learn About Careers!

  • A fun and efficient way to explore careers by short videos, similar in nature to YouTube.
  • Discover career fields you did not even know existed, and learn what it takes to get there.
  • Save your favorites to help guide your career discussions with your parents, college counselors and instructors

Talk to your Campus Counselor

Your campus counselors can guide you to tools available at CMC to help you in your exploration. They will also be especially helpful in sorting through what you learn about yourself and different fields and help you make educational choices to support your goals.

Other Exploration Tools to Help You

O*NET Online
Occupational research through the Federal Department of Labor

My Colorado Journey
New site designed by a collaboration between multiple agencies within the State of Colorado to assist CO citizens in their career journeys.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

"What Can I do with a Major in... ?"