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Making the most of your time while in school is important to your career development: doing well academically, getting help if you struggle or start to doubt yourself, talking to professionals who can help you on your path, taking advantage of opportunities to get involved and build your skills, and even finding an internship related to your field.

All of these activities will set you up for success long term, and will help make you an attractive candidate to employers. It's important to find ways to build your experience, credibility and professionalism.

  • Transferrable Skills

    Informal life experience, training on the job and at school are all transferable skills. Learn how to describe those skills to future employers!
    Transferable Skills

  • Resume Guide

    Your resume presents your first impression to potential employers. We have a set of tips to help you make sure it's a great first impression!
    Resume Guide

  • Cover Letter Guide

    Cover letters need to be tailored to the organization where you're applying. Take a look at our general cover letter tips!
    Cover Letter Guide

  • Job Interview Prep

    The interview has everything to do with your communication skills. Being the right person for the job means more than having the right skillset.
    Job Interview Guide

  • Online Presence

    In the age of the Internet it's crucial to know what persona your online profile communicates to potential employers.
    Online Presence Guide

  • Informational Interview

    Informational interviews are not the same as job interviews! Learn the differences and why they're both important during your career search.
    Informational Interview

  • "Elevator Pitch"

    What's your career story? Crafting a clear, concise "elevator pitch" is one of the most effective tools to help you capture the attention of prospective employers.
    Elevator Pitch

  • Salary Negotiation

    Being offered a position is exciting but it's important to know what a reasonable salary is for the role you're being offered. Make sure to use research and tact in your salary negotiation.
    Salary Negotiations

  • Requesting Recommendations

    Just like there's a right way to interview, there's a right way to request recommendations from your educators and employers.
    Requesting Recommendations

Developing Professional Skills