Counseling at Colorado Mountain College

Support is available when you need it

Graphic: Emotional Health & Well Being

At CMC, college counselors take on a dual role of providing academic advising and personal support. CMC counselors have a background in personal, career and educational counseling. They are trained to help students identify problems, as well as understand and determine options and actions to address personal issues impacting their wellbeing and academic success.

CMC counselors provide student support in a non-clinical role. They refer and connect students to mental health clinicians who partner with CMC to offer in-person and virtual clinical counseling for students. Contact the nearest college counselor listed here for an appointment.

Currently enrolled students are eligible for 6 mental health clinical counseling sessions each semester. Check-out more information about Counseling Services at CMC on Basecamp.

YOU@CMC is a student portal designed to serve students the resources at the right time, so you are better able to deal with issues and life events that occur in college. YOU emphasizes individual well-being and self-awareness in order to connect students to information, campus resources, peers and opportunities-24/7.

CMC College Counselors

Aspen/Carbondale Jennifer Cantway Counselor 970-925-7740
Breckenridge/Dillon Jean Kramlich Counselor 970-453-6757
Glenwood Center Rachel Hartman Advisor 970-947-8442
Glenwood Center Cory Rikard Counselor 970-947-8480
Leadville Paloma Hammond Advisor 719-486-4237
Leadville Evan Weatherbie Asst Dean 719-486-4290
Rifle Jennifer Boone Asst Dean 970-625-6928
Rifle Brenda Walck Advisor 970-625-6959
Salida Amy Stanley Asst Dean 719-530-7922
Spring Valley Jen Brennan Counselor 970-947-8275
Spring Valley Andrea Caruso Counselor 970-947-8221
Steamboat Springs Debra Arnold Counselor 970-870-4457
Steamboat Springs Jenn Simbre Counselor 970-870-4513
Vail Valley at Edwards Sue O'Connor Counselor 970-569-2959