Developmental Mathematics Department at Colorado Mountain College

If you were placed into developmental math, then you have to successfully complete the developmental math classes before enrolling in college-level math classes. Developmental math classes will prepare you to succeed in your college-level math classes. Additionally, developmental math classes will help to prepare you for college major.

  • MAT 050-Quantatitive Literacy prepares students for math for Liberal Arts, Statistics, Integrated Math, and college-level career math courses
  • MAT 055-Algebraic Literacy prepares students for College Algebra and Finite Math

The developmental math classes will help you to build the knowledge and skills needed to successfully achieve your academic and career goals.

Meet the Developmental Mathematics Faculty at Colorado Mountain College

photo - Dave Gifford

Gifford, Dave

David A. Gifford

Dean, School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
970-569-2935 |

photo - Roseanne Shepard

Shepard, Roseanne

Discipline Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Developmental Education
970-947-8241 |

photo - Gina Thompson

Thompson, Gina

Adjunct Math Instructor

Mathematics Courses

MAT 050 - Quantitative Literacy  4.0 Credits
Develops number sense and critical thinking strategies, introduces algebraic thinking, and connects mathematics to real-world applications. Topics in the course include ratios, proportions, percents, measurement, linear relationships, properties of exponents, polynomials, factoring, and math learning strategies.  This course prepares students for Math for Liberal Arts, Statistics, Integrated Math, and college-level career math courses. Lecture, 60 Clock hrs.

MAT 055 - Algebraic Literacy, 4.0 Credits
Co-requisites: MAT 025

MAT 025
This course prepares students for College Algebra and Finite Math.
Develops skills necessary for manipulating algebraic expressions and solving algebraic equations. Topics in the course include radicals, complex numbers, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, quadratic equations, absolute value equations and inequalities, systems of linear equations, related applications, and math learning strategies. Lecture, 60 Clock hrs.

MAT 933 -  Assessment Prep and Skill Refresher, 0 Credits
Students with any developmental placement score can chose this non-credit option for preparation and re-test into the appropriate class. Lecture.

AAA 095 - Math Helps, 1.0 Credits
Provides students with the opportunity to supplement their current math course with mathematical instruction individually designed to fill in the holes “of missing mathematical concepts. In addition, the course serves as a solid review of mathematical concepts in preparation for college-level math courses. Students will study the content area needed for that student, as indicated by a diagnostic assessment.” Lecture, 15 Clock hours.

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The Developmental Mathematics Department strives to encourage a student’s mathematical journey by providing a positive learning environment that promotes skill-building mathematical pathways designed to improve success and accessibility to college-level mathematics courses.


Our mission at Colorado Mountain College is to contribute to the creation of a better future for our students through the teaching and learning of mathematics,