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CMC Trail Map: Plans for Fall 2021

CMC is actively monitoring developments involving the COVID-19 Delta variant with local public health authorities. Please check back for any changes in requirements and recommendations.

COVID Procedures for CMC Employees and Students

August 20, 2021

The purpose of this memo is to provide the CMC community with general guidance regarding the college’s COVID protocols and related activities. Read more: COVID Procedures for CMC Employees and Students

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Crush COVID Commitments

COVID, particularly the highly transmissible Delta variant, is a threat to everyone in our mountain communities. Help us keep crushing COVID by following these important precautions.

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Get Vaccinated.
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Masks required until further notice.
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Wash your hands often.
icon - stay home when sick
Stay home if you are sick.
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Get tested if you have symptoms.
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Free COVID Testing in Colorado


Fall 2021 COVID FAQs

Will CMC require the COVID-19 vaccine for students this fall?

We implore everyone who can to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

The COVID vaccine will be a requirement for students enrolling this fall who live in CMC residence halls, athletes, and/or those enrolled in some health care, public safety and first responder programs where vaccination is required for clinical or internship placement. Study abroad programs with the college also require vaccination in order to participate. Other students, faculty, and staff are highly encouraged to get vaccinated.

CMC is making vaccines available to students, faculty, and staff on certain campuses during the first week of in-person classes.

By when do I need to be fully vaccinated?

Students must be fully vaccinated before moving into the residence halls or by the time they begin classes in a program that will require proof of vaccination. Fall 2021 courses begin on August 23, 2021.

Where can I get tested for COVID?

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment maintains a list of free testing locations. To assist those with limited health care options or those who cannot access one of the many free testing sites, the college will pay for testing for faculty, staff and students who need a COVID-19 test.  Guidance for this service will be posted on Basecamp. 

How do I seek an exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine requirement, if it applies to me? 

To apply for an exemption, download the appropriate Registrar Form and follow the instructions.

Will CMC require masks to be worn at CMC campuses and facilities?

Masks are required to be worn in indoor public settings, including classrooms, on all CMC campuses. The college will re-evaluate this policy on or about Labor Day, after which we may adjust our policies to follow prevailing public health guidelines.

A survey conducted on Monday, August 16 found that 89% of CMC faculty and staff have received a COVID-19 vaccination. Despite these high vaccination rates, the COVID-19 Delta variant is on the rise in our communities, and survey data indicated that nearly two thirds of respondents would feel safer if everyone wears a mask to begin the semester.

Additionally, college leadership feels wearing masks at the beginning of the semester will ease and facilitate the transition back to an in-person environment, and eventually to something resembling the pre-COVID teaching and learning environment.

“If vaccination rates continue to increase and transmission rates improve, we expect to conform our procedures to county-level public health guidelines,” said CMC Chief Operating Officer Matt Gianneschi. “In the meantime, and while the summer tourism season is still in full-swing, we will  ask students and staff to wear face coverings while we monitor local public health data in order to consider adjustments to our procedures.”

“Not everyone will agree to the proposed directions, but all can appreciate and recognize the clarity necessary to welcome students back to campus,” says CMC President Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser. “If we all cooperate and do our part, hopefully we will be able to relax this requirement in the very near future.”

Monitor the Trail Map web page for updates.

Will social distancing still be required?

Social distancing is encouraged when appropriate but not required.

Will I need to report a symptom check daily?

No, but if you feel sick or have symptoms of COVID-19, you should stay home and get tested before returning to campus.

Will virtual services (tutoring, advising and faculty office hours) remain available to students this year?

While most services will be offered in-person this year, many will continue to be offered virtually.

Will campus life return to normal?

CMC plans a full return of traditional residential and student life activities, including open dining halls (at residential campuses), recreation facilities, libraries and the like.

Will CMC waive its requirement for first-year students to live in the residence hall for those who do not want to be vaccinated?

No, the live-on requirement will be enforced this fall. Students who choose not to be vaccinated may request a vaccination waiver (when available). The normal process for requesting a release from the live-on requirement will also be in place this fall.

Can I request a roommate who has been vaccinated?

Personal health information is private and protected under federal law. The college cannot disclose who has been vaccinated.

Can students have visitors on campus? 

Yes, although some restrictions may apply. Contact your residence life staff.

What are the cleaning protocols on campus?

CMC will follow cleaning guidance as recommended by the Colorado Department of Environmental Health and Environment (CDPHE). 

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