Making College Affordable

Colorado Mountain College offers the lowest tuition rates in Colorado

Finally. A higher-education option that won't leave you drowning in debt. With our low tuition rates, Colorado Mountain College is the best value in the state.

Our affordable tuition rates offer unique opportunities to learn, explore and discover your passion, your career, your life!

Funding Options

Even with low tuition, funding your education can be complicated at times. Colorado Mountain College will help you navigate the process and find opportunities that will save you money.

1. Federal and State Financial Aid
Commonly referred to as the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is your first step. Find out if you are eligible for valuable grants, student loans and work-study jobs. Never assume that you won't qualify! Fill out the form and get informed about your real options. To get started, go to FAFSA.

For complete information, see Financial Aid

2. Scholarships
Scholarships are a great way to fund your education. More and more are made available every day, and they don't have to be paid back! You can apply for need-based scholarships which take into account your financial needs, and/or merit-based scholarships that are awarded for academic and personal achievement. Colorado Mountain College offers several scholarships in both categories, but don't stop there! Visit FastWeb for access to thousands of national awards.

CMC Scholarship Information

3. Payment Plan

Paying your tuition is easy with CMC’s Payment Plan. It breaks your expenses into monthly payments, and if you plan ahead, you can pay for a semester’s expenses over four or five months.

See Payment Plans

graphic - veterans' benefits at CMC

4. Veterans' Benefits
Financial benefits are available for veterans attending CMC. Please contact us at for assistance.