Drew Hyde Memorial Scholarship


  1. Student must be in good academic standing and will be considered for the scholarship based on personal essays and letters of recommendation.
  2. Student must be registered for an outdoor safety-related course at CMC’s Steamboat Springs campus. Course enrollment must apply toward the student’s degree program and/or align with their academic, professional, or personal goals.
  3. Student must be willing to write a thank you note to the scholarship funders.
  4. Scholarship funds must be used toward course tuition and/or course materials/gear.

Please submit the following:

  1. The Application – completed in full below.
  2. Letter of recommendation – The letter may be from a former or current teacher/professor, employer, mentor, community member, or similar. The letter must address the qualities you possess that make you a good fit for this course experience and for scholarship support. Be sure to inform your recommender of the application deadline and the importance of returning the recommendation promptly so you can complete your application.