do something MAJOR

do something MAJOR

From Print to Motion, the Graphic Design Program Covers It All

Acquire a go-anywhere, do-anything skill set that draws on your creativity

Get the skills and confidence you need to quickly begin your career as a design professional. It’s your opportunity to put your artistic gifts to work! For any student looking for one of the best Colorado graphic design schools, Colorado Mountain College offers a blend of design, videography, and emergent media courses. A winning combination in today’s modern design world.

As part of Isaacson School for Communication, Arts & Media, you’ll enjoy a vibrant interdisciplinary culture with students from the Professional Photography and Digital Media programs. You’ll have access to a broad range of state-of-the art equipment and facilities, including multimedia studios, a new prototype lab, and immersive media production. You'll learn...

  • The latest design software, include the Adobe Create Suite
  • Color theory
  • Print and pre-press technology
  • Critical and creative design processes
  • Cultural, social, political, environmental, and historical aspects of design
  • Interdisciplinary roles in marketing
  • Professional practices including billing, budgeting and legal issues

CMC Graphic Design students graduate with a portfolio of work that meets employer and marketplace expectations.

In just two years, you’ll have a degree that can lead to a rewarding career in graphic design. Our graduates find work in:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Websites
  • Publishing
  • Marketing departments
  • Corporate communications
  • Multimedia production
  • Freelance opportunities
  • Print shops

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Degree type Associate of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design


Program Specific Courses 49 Credit Hours

PHO 120 - Fundamentals of Photography
MGD 104 - Videography I
MGD 116 - Typography I
MGD 106 - Creativity and Visual Thinking
MGD 125 - 3D Modeling for Gaming: Software
MGD 133 - Graphic Design I
MGD 156 - Emergent Media Practices
MGD 163 - Sound Design I
MGD 124 - Technology Proficiency Lab (1.0 credit required)
MGD 204 - Videography II
MGD 233 - Graphic Design II
MGD 248 - Computational Media
MGD 250 - Emerging Multimedia Technologies
MGD 254 - Multimedia Design & Production I
MGD 268 - Business for Creatives
MGD 280 - Internship 1.0 - 3.0 Credits (3 credits required)
MGD 227 - Marcomm Practices 3.0 Credits
MGD 289 - Capstone 3.0 Credits

The Graphic Design is offered at:

  • Glenwood Springs
  • Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs

If you live closer to a campus that is not listed above, you may be able to take some classes locally. Contact your campus for more information.


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In-district Tuition

$100/credit-hour $3,000/year
Associate & Bachelor

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In-state Tuition

$200/credit-hour $6,000/year
Associate & Bachelor

Out-of-state Tuition

$510/credit-hour $15,300/year
Associate & Bachelor

Annual tuition is for two semesters, 15 credit-hours each. Nursing and Education Bachelor degree tuition rates are higher.

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