Earn a Professional Photography Degree at our College for Photography

CMC's photography school teaches still and video techniques with the latest digital photography gear

You can tell powerful stories with your camera. You may be interested in photographing portraits, products, journalism or landscapes. But it takes a top photography college to shape your personal vision into a career.

Colorado Mountain College delivers the technical training you need to succeed. You will learn solid technical skills to capture professional photos and video. And you’ll develop an eye for aesthetics.


We go beyond technical photographic education. We’ll help you sharpen your creative and personal vision to stand out in a world saturated with imagery. For inspiration, look out the window. Our campus overlooks some of the most photographed mountains in America.

This region is home base for world-class photographers and videographers. This photographic community is ripe with fresh ideas, setting high standards for visual communication. Some of them drop in for portfolio critiques, providing students with feedback and inside tips from top professional photographers.


Our award-winning students thrive in this environment. They are creatives, artists, collaborators, forward thinkers and problem solvers. We encourage them to be innovative as they explore the potential of today’s photo technology.

CMC students are regularly honored with awards in the international College Photographer of the Year competition. They are competitive among students at some of the top photography colleges in the country.

Enriched by the Isaacson School

As part of the Isaacson School for Communication, Arts & Media at Colorado Mountain College, you’ll work collaboratively with the Digital Media and Graphic Design programs. This provides real-word learning as you create photographs and video within creative teams. Virtual reality and other new media extend the core of our professional photography classes.

Here you’ll have ready access to community partnerships and a wide range of events. These opportunities include the ESPN XGAMES, 5POINT Film Festival and the Aspen Institute to name a few. These experiences create strong resumés and career connections.


The media programs in the Isaacson School all have the same program fee. All program fees are reviewed and approved by the college’s Board of Trustees.

Professional Photography Program Fee: $260.00 per semester Two portable hard drives, ability to print to high-resolution, color-managed printers, access to view cameras and studio lighting.

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CMC students’ sports photographs earn international awards

CMC Pro Photography students recognized for outstanding images in the International College Photographer of the Year competition. Read more: CMC students’ sports photographs earn international awards

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