Colorado Mountain College CARE and Incident Reports

Create a confidential report to provide assistance or protect public safety at CMC

coffee_stmb-300x187Colorado Mountain College uses an online student support system, known as CMC Cares. This system allows students, parents, faculty, and staff the ability to report student issues.  These issues can range from homesickness to academic issues or campus policy violations.

It is important to us that both the student and campus community are successful. We hope that you will work together with us to achieve more success.  All reports remain confidential and are automatically routed to the correct staff person at the student’s campus.

CARE Reports

These are reports where you feel a staff person should know something is happening with a student.  Common reports are: academic alerts, anxiety, depression, family/friend death, increased risky behavior, peer/romantic relationship issues, roommate/housing issues, medical issues, etc.

Incident Reports

These are reports where you know a campus/residence hall policy violation has occurred. All campus/residence hall policies are available in the Online Student Handbook.

If you have an ADVOCATE account or want to access the student interface please go to:

General Reports

These are reports of a general nature pertaining to a complaint, staff action, college issue, something other than what fits in incident or CARE reports. Use this tab if you feel someone should be informed of a particular situation.