Concurrent Enrollment Classes for High School Students

Earn college credits from CMC before you graduate from high school

Through the Colorado Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act, you can start college with advanced standing in such commonly required classes as English, math, speech, foreign language, computer science and psychology or technical courses such as welding, nurses aide, construction, and automotive. Earning concurrent college and high school credits helps you:

  • Graduate from college early to save time
  • Save money on tuition
  • Complete prerequisite courses to start a credential or degree program right away
  • Explore various pathways while in high school

Concurrent enrollment courses are taught in a variety of modalities, from in-person at your high school, to distance education, or on local CMC campuses. Although many of these courses are taught in the high schools, the course content, quality, and faculty credentialing are equal to the same courses taught at CMC.

Start Your Application Now for Concurrent Enrollment

It's free! Check the eligibility requirements if you're not sure.

Once you've submitted your application, we'll walk you through the following steps...

  • Meet with your high school or CMC counselor to discuss your plans
  • Take placement tests, if required. It's free
  • Sign up for your classes!

See where our students have transferred (including some Ivy League schools).


Concurrent Enrollment FAQ

Who pays tuition? What are the eligibility requirements? And more...


Qualified high school seniors can take a year of college classes for free after high school.

Ascent Program

Teacher Recruitment PROGRAM

Seeking an education degree? The Teacher Recruitment Education and Preparation (TREP) program can pay for your first two years of classes.

TREP Program

William Mundo

“CMC gave me the opportunity to turn things around, to think about what I want to do in the future.”

William Mundo was a high school student considering dropping out of school in 2011. A counselor from CMC’s Upward Bound program reached out, and William ended up taking a year of classes through Leadville’s CEPA program.

William is a 2022 graduate from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He also earned a bachelor of science in public health and a bachelor of arts in ethnic studies from the University of Colorado Denver. Shortly after his undergraduate studies, he also received a master’s degree from the Colorado School of Public Health. He recently published a book, From Margins to Medicine: A First-Generation Student Health Equity Guide on Overcoming Adversity with Diversity.