Tuition and Costs for Colorado Mountain College

Affordable college. It’s a thing.

And no tuition increase for 2019-2020!

If you’re like most students or parents, you worry about the burden of student loan debt. Colorado Mountain College’s commitment to affordable, high-quality education helps you graduate with less debt.

Our bachelor’s degree tuition is one of the lowest in the country and the lowest in Colorado. That means you’ll take on an average of $8,000 less in student loans – among the lowest student debt burdens in Colorado. And that means when you graduate, you won’t be crushed by debt just as you’re starting your career.

Compare our costs and see why low-debt degrees are smarter…

*Includes $50 tech fee per semester

Tuition Rates Snapshot

map thumbnail: CMC District

In-district Tuition

Associate & Bachelor's

BA Education

BS Nursing

graphic - CMC in-state map

In-state Tuition

Associate & Bachelor's

BA Education

BS Nursing

map thumbnail: CMC Service Area

Service Area Tuition

Associate & Bachelor's

BA Education

BS Nursing

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Out-of-state Tuition

Associate & Bachelor's

BA Education

BS Nursing

Average Cost of Attendance

Below are the estimated costs to attend CMC: 12 credits per semester for two semesters. Your costs will be different if you take fewer or more credits. Actual expenses will vary depending on living arrangements, and personal obligations.


In-district student average costs of attendance at CMC, 12 credit hours for two semester.

Budgetary Category In-District
Tuition $1,920
On Campus Living Expenses* 9,658
Off Campus Living Expenses (estimated) 11,547
Technology Usage Fee 100
Res Hall Technology Usage Fee 200
Estimated Books & Supplies 840
In State / Non Resident Transportation  1,666
*Residential campuses charge a student activity fee of up to $180 per year.
Technology Fee
Student Activity Fee

Colorado Mountain College Special Rates

Students are permitted only one tuition discount while enrolled at the institution.

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