Colorado Mountain College Senior Leadership Team

Colorado Mountain College has an exceptional leadership team in administration, the CMC Foundation and at campuses. Meet the team members who help lead CMC.

Askeland, David

David Askeland

College Vice President & Campus Dean of CMC Summit County
970-989-1312 |

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Brian Barker

Barker, Brian

Brian Barker

Director of Marketing & Communications
970-384-8502 |

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photo - Mary Boyd

Boyd, Mary

Mary Martin Boyd

Vice President of Fiscal Affairs
970-384-8513 |

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Dr. Marc Brennan

Brennan, Marc

Marc Brennan, Ph.D.

Vice President & Campus Dean of CMC Vail Valley
970-569-2913 |

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Cairns , Ben

Ben Cairns, MPA

VP and Campus Dean Leadville/Salida
719-486-4212 |

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photo: Kristin Heath Colon

Colon, Kristin

Kristin Heath Colon

Vice President for Advancement & Foundation CEO
970-947-8380 |

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Tinker Duclo

Duclo, Tinker

Tinker Duclo

Vice President and CMC Rifle Campus Dean
970-625-6926 |

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Photo of Heather Exby

Exby, Heather

Heather D. Exby, Ph.D.

Vice President & Campus Dean of CMC Spring Valley
970-947-8201 |

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Matt Gianneschi

Gianneschi, Matt

Matt Gianneschi, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer & Chief of Staff
970-947-8321 |

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photo - Dave Gifford

Gifford, Dave

David A. Gifford

Dean, School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
970-569-2935 |

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photo: Richard Gonzales

Gonzales, Richard

Richard Gonzales, J.D.

General Counsel & Senior Inclusivity Officer
970-947-8428 |

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Jessica Guarnero

Guarnero, Jess

Jess Guarnero

Interim Associate Dean of the Isaacson School of Communication, Arts & Media
970-870-4518 |

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photo: Shane Larson

Larson, Shane

Shane Larson

Vice President of Student Affairs
970-947-8328 |

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photo - Anne Moll

Moll, Anne

Anne M. Moll, Ed.D.

Dean, School of Humanities, Social Sciences, Sustainability and Education
970-947-8489 |

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Jonathan "JC" Norling, Vice President and CMC Steamboat Springs Campus Dean

Norling, JC

JC Norling, Ph.D.

Vice President and CMC Steamboat Springs Campus Dean
970-870-4414 |

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Elizabeth Poulos

Poulos, Elizabeth

Elizabeth T. Poulos, Ed.D.

Dean of Nursing, Health Sciences, Public Safety, Wellness & Outdoor Studies
970-409-2327 |

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Kathryn Regjo

Regjo, Kathryn

Kathryn Regjo, Ed.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs
970-947-8345 |

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photo: Beez Schell

Schell, Beez

"Beez" Lea Ann Schell, Ph.D.

Dean of Academic Support & Accreditation Liaison Officer
970-384-8534 |

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photo: Angela Wurtsmith

Wurtsmith, Angela

Angela Wurtsmith

Director of Human Resources
970-947-8311 |

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