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Be a lifelong learner with non-credit classes to expand your horizons, skills and enjoyment of life.

Colorado Mountain College's Community Education (CE) division is focused on enriching the individuals that make up our vibrant communities. Each of our eleven campuses and locations offers an array of non-credit, community-based classes.

Community Education is a major part of all communities, and we want to support you — our neighbors and friends. Each campus strives to serve their unique community, while maintaining the highest quality in faculty, support, and facilities.

From Culinary Adventures to Yoga, from Needlepoint to CPR, from Creative Writing to Beekeeping. We have something for everyone. Maybe you've always wanted to get hands-on instruction cooking Thai food? Or you'd really like an environment to play Pickleball? Then our CE classes are the place for you. Come and learn in a stress-free environment about topics that will enrich your life.


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Professional Development

Get skills for the 21st Century. More than 100 online courses and 30 certificate programs are available to enhance workplace skills and knowledge with UGotClass and CMC.

Be sure to look at our current class schedule. We regularly offer classes in art, ceramics, pottery, photography, CPR, fitness, QuickBooks, Excel, dance, Pilates, and much more!
Many campuses also have kids classes!

If you need a little help, reach out to your local campus or email