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photo - CMC President Carrie Hauser talks to a CMC student.

Dr. Carrie Hauser: Guiding Toward Greatness

“CMC has the potential to become the premier and most innovative institution of its kind.”

Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser forged her leadership skills on the rivers and summits of the West. She is also a respected leader in the halls of academia. Her work has created new opportunities for countless students. As CMC’s president, she brings the vision and energy to lead the College to greater heights.

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CMC Senior Team

Dr. Hauser's Biography

Let us be a beacon of hope • Seamos una luz de esperanza

June 1, 2020

Statement from CMC President & CEO, Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser

It is hard to believe how the past three months have unfolded – both close to home and in parts of our country that seem very far away from our beloved mountain towns.

We find ourselves in a nation that stands divided. Over the weekend, we witnessed protests, riots, and civil unrest from coast to coast. And, here in Colorado….
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News / Publications / Interviews

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    In light of the recent college admissions scandal, a statement from CMC President & CEO, Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser.

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  • CMC Launches Fund Sueños to Help DREAMers Pay for College

    Read about the privately funded income-share agreements (similar to loans) for some students ineligible federal financial aid.

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  • DACA Response and Statement

    CMC President and CEO Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser' statement regarding potential changes to federal immigration and DACA policies.

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Colorado Mountain College Board of Overseers

CMC Foundation Board Member and Carbondale philanthropist Jim Calaway founded the CMC Board of Overseers in 2012. His vision was to launch and sustain a selective group of advisors who care about and support CMC’s mission, and to establish a thought-provoking, dynamic forum to help guide the college to further excellence.

photo - CMC Board of Overseers