Help Pay for College with Work Study

Work Study jobs allow students to earn money to help pay education expenses

This program provides jobs — usually in colleges/universities — for undergraduate and graduate students who need financial aid. Some students will be working in a community service location.  Work study jobs may be on or off-campus.

Your pay will be at least the federal minimum wage, but it may also relate to the type and difficulty of the work you do (the 2013-14 hourly rate is $10.12). The total amount you earn in a year depends on how many hours per week you work. Most students perform work-study 10-15 (but no more than 20) hours per week, although some do more, some do less. CMC sets the number of hours you can work based on your financial need and work study funds available.

Are work-study jobs on- or off-campus? Both. However, a work-study job must always be for a public or private non-profit organization (limited).

If you are interested in a Work Study position, contact the Financial Aid Specialist at your campus for employment opportunities and procedures.

Note: Work-study awards indicate an amount that the student can earn per semester and therefore will not be applied to the student’s account, but earned through work and paid as payroll from CMC.

Reminder: If you plan to work, the college must verify your identity and employment eligibility. You should be prepared to present a state-issued driver’s license or ID card with a photograph and your original Social Security card or birth certificate, to satisfy this requirement.  Some positions also require an official background check

Please see the Financial Aid Guide (pdf) for more information.


How Do I Apply for a Work Study Position?

Step 1: Fill out and submit the 2014-2015 FAFSA online at and make sure CMC is listed as your selected school.

Step 2: Check your CMC email account to verify your FAFSA has arrived at Colorado Mountain College. If you have an email from the Financial Aid office with a “Missing Information Request” you must submit additional information in order to continue with processing. Review the email and submit the requirements to the Financial Aid office, by fax to 970-947-8318 or email . You may not apply for a work study position until you have submitted all necessary requirements. If you have received an email to your CMC email account with an “Award Notification” you may continue with the work study process. (Go to step 3)

Step 3:  Contact your Financial Aid Specialist to determine if you qualify for work study funding. Work study is awarded based on “financial need” determined from your FAFSA information. Funds are limited and will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. If you qualify for work study funding your Financial Aid Specialist will provide you with the Student Employment Eligibility Sheet.

Step 4: The Student Employment Eligibility Sheet will list the Supervisor’s contact information. Contact the Supervisor to request an interview for the work study position. Once the Supervisor has made the hiring decision the Student Employment Eligibility Sheet must be signed by both the student and the supervisor and returned to the Financial Aid Specialist. The student that is hired for the position will be awarded work study funds.

 2014-2015 Work Study Positions by Campus

See the folders below for available Work Study jobs. To download PDF files, right-click (PC) or option-click (Mac). If you are unable to view the PDF, you may need to download and install the free Acrobat Reader.