Avalanche Science

Earn a Snow, Weather & Avalanche Field Technician certificate from Colorado Mountain College

At Colorado Mountain College, we’re known for our snow-related degrees and programs, so it’s only natural that we expand into snow science and avalanche safety training. Our Avalanche Science program is the only one of its kind in the nation!

When you graduate from our high-quality, high-altitude Avalanche Science Program, you will understand the basics of weather forecasting, know the fundamentals of snow science and how snow behaves, and master essential avalanche control and avalanche rescue techniques.

Hybrid Programming creates a flexible schedule

On-site, intensive sessions in Leadville are scheduled three times per year. The rest of your course work is completed via live web meetings and independently online.

The first year hands-on, on-site sessions are scheduled in Leadville for:

  • Session I, 9/8/18 – 9/13/18
  • Session II, 12/3/18 – 12/11/18
  • Session III,  3/18/19 – 3/23/19

See the  Avalanche Science Program Schedule (pdf)

Prepare for a job in snow safety and avalanche safety
Advance your career with training and education
Learn the fundamental science of snow, weather and avalanches
Study weather and avalanche forecasting
Train in rescue and first-aid techniques
Complete a field internship in the mountains
Track mountain snowpack over two full winters
Practice risk management, leadership skills and operational services

“The Colorado Mountain College program is designed to prepare snow and avalanche professionals for career paths in a new comprehensive fashion not available in any other venue. It will change the way we train and prepare people for the professional snow worker industry.”

- Dr. Kelly Elder, US Forest Service - Research

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