Ropeway Maintenance Technician

The online Ropeway Maintenance Technician Program from CMC is America's only certification in ski lift and ropeway maintenance

Through a combination of web-based and work experience, employees can become Certified Ropeway Technicians without leaving their workplace. Looking for a job or career with the ski industry? This is an option to consider.

Proven Training

Colorado Mountain College, the nation's premier Ski Area Operations program, has worked with all levels of the ski industry for more than 30 years to provide solid and innovative training for jobs and careers. The Ropeway Maintenance Technician program is a result of this - CMC Certified Ropeway Technicians student climb a training tower.

Program Benefits
Collaborating with major mountain resorts, ropeway manufacturers, and professional organizations, Colorado Mountain College has designed a program that can:

  • Prepare your company for anticipated ropeway transport safety regulations.
  • Help ensure safe and well-maintained transport systems.
  • Provide training delivered on-site via the internet.
  • Enhance the skills of your current employees with Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
  • Help you attract and retain new employees.

Mechanical and Electrical Specialization
Ropeway Technician students can specialize in two areas: mechanical or electrical. Both specialties include hands-on work experience at the student's workplace supervised by a workplace mentor.

Credit or Non-Credit Options
When completed for credit, the program provides the student with a Certificate of Occupational Proficiency from the State of Colorado. Students can also take the program as non-credit. This option provides Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) that are valuable for training documentation. Students who complete the program as non-credit will receive a certificate of completion from Colorado Mountain College. Either option meets the requirements for Related Instruction needed for completion of the US Department of Labor's Apprenticeship Training program. You may also choose to select specific courses that meet your training needs.

The Ropeway Technician program is administered by Ski Area Operations at CMC Leadville.

Inside the Ropeway Maintenance Technician Program at CMC

The Ropeway Maintenance Technician program is part of America's premier ski area management program
America's premier college-level ski area management program is located at Colorado Mountain College in Leadville. Several major resorts are training their employees using Ropeway Maintenance Technician apprenticeships and certificates. Within an hour's drive of eight major ski resorts, the Ropeway Maintenance Technician program has working relationships with many ski areas in Colorado and beyond.
photo - High-tower tram in Europe.
The following ski areas use the Ropeway Maintenance Technician program:



The Ropeway Maintenance Technician program is affiliated with a number of ski industry professional organizations to enhance our students' understanding of this industry. The following is a list of professional memberships:

Get Started as a Ropeway Maintenance Technician

Students working within the ski industry utilize the internet to earn their Ropeway Maintenance Technician Certificate from CMC
Ropeway maintenance technician classes are taught almost entirely over the Internet. Students are required to have access to the World Wide Web and utilize e-mail to complete these courses. Additionally, there are specific system requirements for your computer.  Learn more about Colorado Mountain College's Online Learning.

The Ropeway Maintenance Technician program is administered by Ski Area Operations at CMC Leadville. Please email or telephone 719-486-4228 for information on this program.

To earn your Certificate of Occupational Proficiency you must demonstrate college-level reading, writing, and mathematics skills before entering this program. Your skills in these areas may affect the sequence of courses in which you can enroll and may also extend the time required to complete this program.

This program has certain physical and academic standards which you will be required to meet before you are admitted to the program. Students accepted into the college's vocational programs must be physically, mentally, and emotionally self-supportive with reasonable accommodations. If there is a concern about meeting the physical and academic standard, students need to contact the Disability Services Coordinator who will determine the student's ability to participate in this program.