Evans, Tina

Tina Lynn Evans, Professor of Sustainability Studies

Recipient of Colorado Mountain College’s 2017 collegewide full-time Faculty of the Year award.

photo - Tina Lynn Evans, Associate Professor, Sustainability StudiesEducation

  • Ph.D. in Sustainability Education, Prescott College
  • M.A. in Latin American Studies, Tulane University
  • M.L.S. (Master of Library Science), University of Arizona
  • B.A. in English and History, University of Arizona

Sustainability Studies Courses

  • SUS 101, Introduction to Sustainability
  • SUS 300, Foundations of Sustainability
  • SUS 325, Energy Systems and Sustainability
  • SUS 330, Sustainable Economics
  • SUS 331, Cultural and Place-Based Equity
  • SUS 350, Permaculture Design I
  • SUS 351, Permaculture Design II
  • SUS 387, Sustainability Internship
  • SUS 416, Career and Professional Skills in Sustainability
  • SUS 489, Sustainability Capstone

My focus as a sustainability educator is on involving students and my community in transformative, sustainability-oriented learning and doing. The process involves defining and taking desired action that can authentically reconnect people with each other and the land. Students in my courses engage in transdisciplinary integration of academic disciplines and work to heal the divide between humans and nature that characterizes the modern worldview. I believe that fostering sustainable living is the most pressing challenge and opportunity of our time, and I find my work with students who share my interest and drive for a more equitable and healthy world to be exciting, creative, and fulfilling.

Research Interests

Globalized political economy and its alternatives, grassroots economic and governance structures, industrialized culture and worldviews and their alternatives, sustainability education, transdisciplinarity in higher education, permaculture, service learning, sustainable leadership.

I am the author of the book Occupy Education: Living and Learning Sustainability (2012, Peter Lang), a member of the Advisory Board for the Journal of Sustainability Education, and I served as guest editor for an issue of the Journal of Sustainability Education focused on generating and maintaining hope and agency in sustainability education. My article from that journal issue titled “Finding Heart: Generating and Maintaining Hope and Agency through Sustainability Education” was awarded a national research award from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. My CV is available online, and much of my published work is available through my Academia.edu site.

Contact Information:

Location: Steamboat Springs Campus
Phone: (970) 870-4517
Email: tevans@coloradomtn.edu
Office: 109 Bristol Hall