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Aerial photo of the Bear Park Permaculture Center on the CMC Steamboat Springs campus.

Bear Park Permaculture Center

Come and enjoy the beauty of permaculture and sustainability with CMC!

The Bear Park Permaculture Center has been under development since 2013, with its first students working on the site in spring 2016 and the construction of a 42-foot Growing Spaces dome in 2020. The outdoor gardens and 4-season dome serves as a center at Colorado Mountain College Steamboat Springs for hands-on education in permaculture and sustainable thinking, design, and practice.


Open daily, sunrise to sunset.
Bear Park Map

Bear Park Permaculture Center FAQs

Are there tours available of the garden and dome?

All are welcome to self-tour the outside gardens from sunrise to sunset! Our staff is actively working on signage on site to facilitate plant identification and a self-guided tour in English and Spanish. If you would like to set up a personalized tour, please contact Quincee Cotton at

Can I bring a dog to Bear Park Permaculture Center?

While our staff loves animals, we kindly ask that you do not bring your pet to the site for the protection of the plants.

The dome is so neat! Who makes these domes, how big is it, and how does a dome stay warm enough (and cool enough) to grow food for four seasons in the Steamboat Springs climate?

Our 42-foot dome is a kit made by Growing Spaces which is based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It was delivered to our site and installed in just one week on the prepared site.

Our dome’s climate is managed by a Wadsworth timer that helps to regulate the low and high temperatures with the help of a climate battery. The climate battery was installed approximately 4’ deep under the dome where the air temperature remains a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

The large ‘tubes’ of the climate battery have an intake and outtake inside of the dome with fans embedded inside.

In the summer, hot air is pulled into the climate battery and mixes with the cool air underground and gets pushed back up into the dome.

In the winter, the cold air inside of the dome gets pulled into the climate battery and gets heated up and pushed into the dome. Supplemental fans and heaters help when there are more extreme temperatures to manage.

How can I help? Can I volunteer?

At this time, Bear Park Permaculture Center is collecting names of interested people who may want to spend time working in the garden and will be setting up this program in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023.

Please email Quincee Cotton at to get on our list! Don’t have time for gardening?

You can always support us with a donation – contributions at any level are most welcome!


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