TEDxColorado Mountain College

"Sense of Place"

TEDxColorado Mountain College is a TEDx local production. This will be the first ever TEDx event ever produced at CMC. Four speakers will present diverse topics related to the idea of Sense of Place. Presentations will take place in the New Space Theater on the Spring Valley campus on February 9, 2024.

What is Sense of Place?

Sense of place is the way we understand, identify, and engage with our environments. We all have a sense of how the places we were and those places we live now impact our unique identities. How we see ourselves in our environments, the way our contexts constitute us, is what the idea of Sense of Place illuminates.

There is much more to sense of place and our presenters will show us how much and in what ways.

TEDx limits in-person attendance to 100 people. The New Space Theater is small, cozy, and well-lit. Inclusivity, access, and participation is our goal. Sparking ideas, dialogue, and potential action is where we go.

TEDx Producers

Stephanie Woods
TEDx Volunteer Coordinator

Jess Guarnero
Dean, Isaacson School of Communication, Arts, & Media

Dave Chimovitz
Professor, Communication

Onyx Degataga
TEDx Co-Producer

The official poster for TEDxColorado Mountain College

TEDx Talks

Below are the video recordings of our brilliant speakers and their ideas they brought to life.