CMC students at a coffee shop in Carbondale.

Financial Literacy - Improve Your Money Game

Learn how to efficiently manage your money and make it grow

Money Smart Week

April 17th-20th 2023 is money smart week. Each day a different online webinar will be provided. Learn more about personal finances, sign up today!

Monday April 17th Noon MT

  • Family Budgeting presented by the University of Arkansas System, Division of Agriculture

Tuesday April 18th Noon MT

Wednesday April 19th Noon MT

  • Debt Relief presented by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Thursday April 20th Noon MT

What is Financial Literacy?

It is the knowledge and understanding of money and how to best manage your money to effectively make important financial decisions.

My Colorado Journey offers an interactive website with a self-paced curriculum on financial literacy to help students and families make sound and informed financial decisions.

Federal Student Aid's online, interactive loan counseling tool, the Financial Awareness Counseling Tool (FACT), helps students and families better manage their finances and understand their obligation as borrowers.

Loan Simulator is a new tool to help you make decisions about your student loans. Use it to find a repayment plan that meets your needs and goals or to decide whether to consolidate.

Questions? Contact or call 970-947-8322 to learn more about financial literacy.

How to budget in easy steps!

By using a budget, you are the boss of your money. You control your money, telling it where to go and what to do.

Without a budget, you may begin to run out of money. In that case, money controls you.