Financial Literacy

"Finances are one of the most common barriers to enrolling and remaining in higher education.  With improved financial literacy, students and families will better understand the positive impact that higher education can have on their financial future.  They'll also have a better understanding of the tools and resources available to create a financial plan to get to college and stay in college."

College In Colorado offers an interactive website with a self-paced curriculum on financial literacy to help students and families make sound and informed financial decisions.

Please visit for more information on the financial literacy curriculum.

Federal student Aid's online, interactive loan counseling tool, the Financial Awareness Counseling Tool (FACT), helps students and families better manage their finances and understand their obligation as borrowers.

This online resource provides students with the basics of financial management and information about their federal student loan debt (and total student loan debt if they enter information about their private student loans).  The tool also estimates what their student loan debt is likely to be when they leave school and provides financial planning tips.

Financial Literacy Websites:
Federal Student Aid
Student Loan Debt Collection Assistant
National Student Loan Data System