No Barriers Fund

Support for Colorado Mountain College Students with unexpected or emergency financial barriers

Created in honor of Alexandra Yajko, founding CEO of the CMC Foundation.

The purpose of the CMC Foundation’s No Barriers Fund is to assist with unexpected or emergency financial barriers that prevent Colorado Mountain College students from completing their certificates or degrees.

Gifts from the No Barriers Fund are made available to qualified CMC student applicants year-round, based on funds available. Student applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by designated campus representatives including a campus Financial Aid Specialist. Final approval is contingent on the below criteria.

Recipients of these funds are encouraged to pay back some or all of the money they receive, if and when they can, to pay-it-forward to other students.

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Successful completion of at least 12 credit hours (at CMC or via transfer credits).
  2. Pursuing a degree or certificate and currently enrolled at CMC at least half-time (6* credit hours minimum).
  3. Currently meets CMC’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards.
  4. Students who have completed a FAFSA or CASFA and have available aid should access those resources first.  If a student does not have a completed FAFSA or CASFA, they agree to complete one (if eligible) as soon as possible.
  5. $500* maximum total award during an academic year.  Students can receive No Barriers funding no more than twice while a student at CMC. This award, plus any financial aid scholarships, cannot exceed the student's cost of attendance as defined by law.
  6. Awards are applied directly to the student's account.

* If fewer than 6-credits are needed for certificate or degree completion, then student is eligible for a partial, pro-rated award of:  5 credits = max award of $415/ 4 credits = $335/ 3 credits = max award of $250.

More information / Applying

Interested CMC students, please contact your campus of attendance to be connected with a Counselor, Academic Advisor or TRIO. See Campus Contacts.

Donating to the No Barriers Fund

The No Barriers Fund is funded entirely by the generosity of donors.

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