Is Online Learning For You?

How well would Online Learning fit your learning needs and personal circumstances? This is a guide to help you decide if Online Learning may provide an alternative to on-campus courses for you. It does not guarantee your success or failure in Online Learning.

1. My need to take this course now is:
High - I need it immediately for degree, job, or other important reason
Moderate - I could take it on campus later or substitute another course
Low - It's a personal interest that could be postponed
2. Feeling that I am part of a class is:
Not particularly necessary for me
Somewhat important to me
Very important to me
3. I would characterize myself as someone who:
Often gets things done ahead of time
Needs reminding to get things done on time
Puts things off until the last minute
4. Classroom discussion is:
Rarely helpful to me
Sometimes helpful to me
Almost always helpful to me
5. When an instructor hands out directions for an assignment, I prefer:
Figuring out the instructions myself
Trying to follow the instructions on my own, then asking for help if I need it
Having the instructions explained to me
6. If I have to go to campus to take exams or complete work:
I have difficulty getting to campus, even in the evenings and on weekends.
may miss some lab assignments or exam deadlines if campus labs are not open evenings and weekends.
I can go to campus anytime.
7. Considering my profession and personal schedule, the amount of time I have to work on an Online Learning class is:
More than enough for a campus class or an Online Learning class
The same as for a class on campus
Less than for a class on campus
8. When I am asked to use computers and the internet, voice mail, or other technologies that are new to me:
I look forward to learning new skills
I feel apprehensive, but try anyway
I put it off or try to avoid it
9. As a reader, I would classify myself as:
Good - I usually understand the text and other written materials without help
Average - I sometimes need help to understand the text or other written materials
Needing help to understand the text or other written materials
10. As a writer I would classify myself as:
A strong writer - I am comfortable with writing and have strong organizational, grammar, punctuation and spelling skills
An average writer - I am moderately comfortable with writing and occasionally need help with organization, grammar, punctuation and spelling
Needing help with my writing, especially with organization, grammar, punctuation, and spelling


Now look back and review your answers. Successful Online Learning students usually choose response number 1, sometimes response number 2. If you chose response number 3 to some or most of the questions, then perhaps Online Learning is not for you.

Online Learning is not for everyone. It requires college-level reading and writing skills and it requires self-discipline. Basically, it's a matter of independent study.


Online Learning Facts

  • Online Learning students sometimes can end up neglecting their course work because of personal or professional circumstances, unless they have compelling reasons for taking the course.
  • Some students prefer the independence of Online Learning; others find it uncomfortable.
  • Online Learning gives students greater freedom of scheduling, but it can require more self-discipline than on-campus classes.
  • Some people learn best by interacting with other students and instructors; distance study does not provide much opportunity for this interaction.
  • Online Learning requires you to work from printed materials and directions without face-to-face instructions.
  • It may take as long as two weeks to get comments back by mail from your instructor.
  • Online Learning requires at least as much time as on-campus courses and in many instances up to three times as much.
  • Online Learning frequently uses technology for teaching and communication.
  • Online Learning classes usually require written assignments and projects.



This survey form was created by the Colorado Community College and Occupational Educational System. It has been modified and is used with permission.