CMC Interactive Video System (IVS)

Live, real-time video bridges students and teachers across CMC campuses

Colorado Mountain College provides Interactive Video instruction at eight locations throughout the college district. Inaugurated in January 1996, the Interactive Video System (IVS) links students and teachers together as one class in rooms that are sometimes over 100 miles apart. The system not only allows students to take classes closer to home, it also gives them more choices toward fulfilling their degree. Classes which might have been canceled at one location due to low enrollment are now offered because students are registered from several sites. The IVS network also enables CMC to deliver more upper-level courses and degree requirements to widely dispersed students.

IVS has been used by other colleges and universities, such as Metropolitan State University of Denver and Western Colorado University, to bring baccalaureate and master's programs to the region.

How Does an IVS Class Work?
IVS (Interactive Video System) courses are fully interactive college credit courses delivered via live, real-time television.

The courses are instructed by CMC faculty in actual classrooms just like any other college site-based course and are broadcast live over the college's video network. Each location has video cameras, sound systems, monitors, and support equipment. This allows the instructor to see and hear students at any location while allowing students at any location to see and hear the instructor in real-time. Students at a distance from the instructor can fully participate in the class as if all were in the same location. Additionally, everyone can see demonstrations, share documents, graphics, three-dimensional objects, and other instructional materials over the system.

Which CMC Locations Offer IVS Courses?
Students attend classes at one of the following locations. These college sites are Aspen, Breckenridge, Buena Vista, Edwards, Glenwood Springs (Glenwood Center and/or Spring Valley), Leadville, Rifle, and Steamboat Springs. IVS courses are not necessarily available at every location. Check the additional information for sections in WebAdvisor or contact the Online Learning office to see which locations are carrying a particular course.

How Will I Get the Course Materials/Textbook?
Students at CMC participate in the Learning Materials Program (LMP). Our affordable flat rate "textbooks in tuition" lease system and service provides 100% of required materials by the first day or start of semester automatically customized to the student’s schedule.

The Learning Materials Program fees are easily budgeted as cost of attendance in financial aid and payment plans.

Learn more about the Learning Materials Program

How Do I Register for an IVS Course?
Students can enroll in an IVS course just like any other course. Each CMC site can enroll a student.