Theatre Program Faculty and Directors

photo - Kristin Carlson

Carlson, Kristin

Kristin Carlson

Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Program

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Photo - Thomas Cochran

Cochran, Thomas

Thomas Cochran

Former Program Director and Professor Emeritus

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photo - Sue Lavin

Lavin, Sue

Sue Lavin

Adjunct Faculty, Theatre

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photo - Brad Moore

Moore, Brad

Brad Moore

Theatre Operations Manager, Sopris Theatre Company; Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Program
970-947-8187 |

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photo - Wendy Moore

Moore, Wendy

Wendy Moore

Director, the Sopris Theatre Company; Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Programs

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Smith, Christine

Christine Smith

Professor of Communications/Humanities, Sopris Theatre Company Dramaturg
970-947-8261 |

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