For Employers

Find well prepared, creative and ambitious students eager to contribute their skills to the world of work. Hire one of our Bachelor's degree students in Business Administration, Ecosystem Science & Stewardship, Education, Human Services, Leadership & Management, Nursing or Sustainability. Or find a qualified associate or certificate level candidate through one of our specialty career or technical programs.

Connecting with Students at CMC

Colorado Mountain College welcomes the opportunity to work with hiring employers in their recruiting efforts.  Employers can do the following:

  • Jobs
  • Conduct Virtual Career Fairs
  • Contact and set up Interviews with our students

If you would like the opportunity to utilize our college to career platform called Handshake.  Please start by reading the Employer Guides below for details on creating an getting started, hiring policies and how to create your account on Handshake.

This is our main avenue for sharing job opportunities with students and alumni at CMC. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call:

Chip Thomas
Assistant Dean of Advising & Career Services

Handshake Guidelines and Policies

Employer Recruiting Policies at CMC

Employer - Getting Started with Handshake
Learn more about the services Handshake offers employers.

Employer Guide to Posting with Handshake
Your guide to posting jobs and internships with Handshake.

Quick Start for Employers

Create your FREE account by visiting Handshake and click on link below to register your account today!

Campus Visits and Presentations

CMC has three residential campus sites and eight commuter based sites. Build brand awareness of your organization by hosting an information table, offering in-class presentations, or information sessions, and participating in workshops in partnership with Career Services. This is one of the best ways to connect with CMC students and assist them in their career development, while also creating an opportunity to increase students' understanding of what your organization has to offer. Employers may contact individual campuses directly (excluding CMC Vail Valley at Edwards) to arrange for a suitable time for an information table in a high student traffic area.

Career Fairs and Events

We host virtual career fairs and events via Handshake.  If you are interested in participating in a fair or event or host an event, you need to have an employer profile on Handshake and connect with Colorado Mountain College.  Our virtual career fair schedule varies from semester to semester, but our plans moving forward are to host two virtual career fairs in the fall (early November) and four virtual career fairs in the spring (early April), date and times are subject to change.

Why not in person career fairs?  We have 4000+ students who attend classes at one or several of our eleven campuses spread out over 12,000 square miles in the mountains of Colorado.  While it is not off the table to host in person career fairs, it is logistically better to host virtual career fairs where you can do virtual information sessions to a group of students and set up 1:1 interview sessions for students all hosted in Handshake.

We also partner with our local CO Workforce Centers when they have any job-related events.  If you, as an employer, would like to host an event, either in person or virtually, about a specific topic, please reach out to Dr. Chip Thomas at the contact information below and we can talk about the topic, dates, and best connection methods.

All planned events are posted on the Handshake Colorado Mountain College Career Services page.  Registration for these events occurs in Handshake and are presented either on Handshake, WebEx, or in person.  Any employer who wishes to receive notices of future events should sign up for an employer account — details above!

Contact Career Services

Employers who would like to connect with CMC Career Services about partnering for student success through the avenues listed above should contact:

Chip Thomas
Assistant Dean of Advising and Career Services