2024 Sustainability and Ecosystem Science Conference Student Capstone Presentations - Breakout Room Schedule

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Purple Room

Moderator: Dr. Kevin Hillmer-Pegram

9:32-9:44 Chloe Denning Communicating and Educating for Sustainability at CMC: Action Research for Institutional Change
9:45-9:57 Sarah McCracken Does Participation in Horticultural Therapy Wellness Programming Increase Environmental and Social Agency in High School Students?
9:58-10:10 Nathan Thompson Cultivating Productive Climate Discourse: Exploring Values-based Climate Communication Strategies
10:11-10:23 Hannah Harbert Wildfire Impacts on Snow Telemetry Measurements in the Southern Rockies
10:24-10:36 Kaylee Wilson Rock Solid Sustainability: Forging an Eco-Conscious Future for Climbing Gyms
10:37-11:00 Dr. Kevin Hillmer-Pegram Discussion and Break

Yellow Room

Moderator: Dr. Tina Evans

9:32-9:44 Mariesa Sjoberg Integrative Sustainability in Academia: Developing Incentives to Increase Sustainability Course Content at CMC
9:45-9:57 Lauren Merck Building Towards a Circular Economy: Reducing Construction & Demolition Waste in Eagle County
9:58-10:10 Jade Smith The Impact of Forest Patch Cutting on Soil Microbial Species Abundance in a Pinus contorta Forest
10:11-10:23 Bryce Schiff Methodologies for B Corp Certification in a Small to Mid-Sized Cycling Business
10:24-10:36 Isabelle Vitti Quantifying the Environmental Impacts of Livestock Grazing on Colorado's Public Lands
10:37-11:00 Dr. Tina Evans Discussion and Break

Red Room

Moderator: Dr. Nathan Stewart

9:32-9:44 Lillian Svoboda Moose Behavior and Habitat Utilization Near High Intensity Winter Recreation in the Upper Yampa River Valley, Colorado
9:45-9:57 Audrey Fritz Ground for Change: A Small Coffee Roaster’s Journey to B Corp Certification
9:58-10:10 Brittany Parker Sustainable Recreation Management and Development for Big Game: Recommendations for the White River National Forest Management Plan Revision
10:11-10:23 Jessica Wurtsmith Here and Now: Using Mindful Meditation to Loosen the Grip of Mindless Consumption Among Wealthy Individuals
10:24-10:36 Daniel Dunn Building Safer and More Robust Bicycle Infrastructure Leads to More Daily Riders in Breckenridge
10:37-11:00 Dr. Nathan Stewart Discussion and Break

Blue Room

Moderator: Tracey Hughes

9:32-9:44 Nicole Rucobaclark Community on Campus: Understanding Student Engagement in Third Spaces at CMC’s Steamboat Springs Campus
9:45-9:57 Abbey Ertzbischoff Ground-Truthing the Remote Sensing of Snow Depth and Snow Water Equivalent in High Elevation Sensor Networks
9:58-10:10 Rylee Lopez Land for Land: Assessing the Sustainability of Land Exchanges in Summit County, Colorado
10:11-10:23 Nikki Johnson From Landfill to Landscape: The Impact of Mandatory Composting and Recycling in Summit County
10:24-10:36 Savannah Krochalis Equity in Action: A Qualitative Analysis of Employment for Autistic Individuals
10:37-11:00 Tracey Hughes Discussion and Break

Black Room

Moderator: Dr. Patrick Staib

9:32-9:44 Campbell Esbeck Colorado Mountain College Eco-Representatives: Peer-To-Peer Educators Proposal
9:45-9:57 Sierra Babcock Uniting People, Plants and Place: Planning for Sustainable Engagement in a Community Permaculture Garden in Moab, Utah
9:58-10:10 Russel Swank Ancient Grain for the Future: Is Quinoa a Solution for the San Luis Valley Region of Colorado?
10:11-10:23 Tate Carlson Changes in Eagle River Nutrient Content and Chemical Composition From Headwaters to Downstream Reaches
10:24-10:36 Annette Akers From the Wild to the Ranch: Navigating the Ecology of Hunting and Ranching
10:37-10:49 Max Kilcoyne Turning the Tides of Sustainability: The Case of a Business in West-Central Florida
10:50-11:00 Dr. Patrick Staib Discussion and Break

Green Room

Moderator: Dr. Adrian Fielder

9:32-9:44 Alexia Cherry Rooted in Story: Examining the Intersection of Identity, Place-Making, and Sustainability in Colorado’s Cultural Narrative
9:45-9:57 Kristina Halla Living Alongside Kudzu (Pueraria montana): Identifying Funding Opportunities for Management of Kudzu in Jefferson County, Alabama
9:58-10:10 Tori Garcia From Bud to Bloom: Sustainability in Floriculture and Minimizing Floral Waste
10:11-10:23 Caleb Cantrell The Effects of Forest Patch Cutting on Snowpack Dynamics and Snow Water Delivery in a High Elevation Watershed
10:24-10:36 Lucas Mosher Vail’s Growing Inequality: Perspectives of the Poor
10:37-10:49 Julia Tyson Harmonizing Sustainability: Artistic Strategies for Reducing Waste at Live Music Events
10:50-11:00 Dr. Adrian Fielder Discussion and Break

Orange Room

Moderator: Dr. Robert Gumbrecht

9:32-9:44 Philip Calitre Effects of Nutritional Supplementation on Greenback Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii stomias) Survival
9:45-9:57 Holly Fox Sprouting the Development of Sustainable Transparency in Local Hospitality Through Action Research
9:58-10:10 Trevor Stevens Why did the Contagion Cross the Road? Assessing Economic and Cultural Disparities in Organizational Responses to Zoonotic Diseases
10:11-10:23 Camden Jackson Powering Urban Mobility: Governing E-Bike Policy and Infrastructure Integration in Steamboat Springs
10:24-10:36 Alexander Hill The Proposed Homestake Valley Dam in Colorado: Weighting Ecological Impacts Against Investor Profits
10:37-10:49 Callum Lowing Expanding the Soundscape of CMC: Improving Accessibility and Bear Park Permaculture Gardens with an Audio Companion Tour
10:50-11:00 Dr. Robert Gumbrecht Discussion and Break