Save big on tuition through WUE at Colorado Mountain College

New students from WUE western states can receive discounted tuition

map showing WUE states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.Live in the western United States? You may qualify for reduced tuition for a great education at Colorado Mountain College!

If you live in one of 14 western states, you are eligible to apply for these special tuition rates through the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE):

  • Lower division tuition (100-200 level courses only) is $270 credit
  • A limited number of WUE slots will be offered on a first-come, first-awarded basis
  • WUE tuition benefits will be available to new students at the Leadville, Steamboat Springs and Spring Valley campuses only.
  • Nursing and Veterinary Technology programs are excluded from the WUE tuition program.

WUE tuition applies to all courses, including online, except Nursing and Veterinary Technology courses. It does not apply to degrees earned entirely online.

chart showing WUE rates: Lower division tuition (100-200 level courses) is $221/credit, a 50% savings from out-of-state rates, which is $453/credit.Acceptance into WUE is not automatic. To be considered, you must submit the following prior to starting class:


New WUE students must complete WUE specific registration paperwork by the deadlines below. A limited number of WUE slots will be offered.

  • Fall semester: July 15
  • Spring semester: December 1
  • Summer semester: Contact Admissions (below)

Continuing WUE students, at any campus, must declare their intention to continue at CMC by registering for the next semester during the early registration period (summer excluded). Students who do not early register will forfeit their WUE discount and be re-classified as non-resident students.


Through acceptance of the special WUE tuition classification, students acknowledge their intent to maintain their legal domicile in their home state at the time of application and for the duration of their enrollment at CMC.

If students desire to change their legal domicile to any other state, including Colorado, they must notify the Registrar’s office. At that time a student may be changed to out-of-state tuition rates. Please note that time accrued while participating in the WUE tuition program cannot be used to establish domiciliary intent for purposes of claiming Colorado residency.

WUE Participation Criteria:

Submit the online CMC admission application and supplemental WUE Participation Form.

  1. Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.
  2. Maintain enrollment with a minimum of 15 credits for each semester you attend (summer semester is a minimum of 6 credit hours).
  3. Maintain good academic standing with a 2.0 Cumulative GPA or higher.
  4. Remain a permanent resident of your home WUE state (maintaining your home state driver’s license will be required).
  5. Only available for 100 and 200 level course and associate degree programs.
  6. Available to first time freshman transferring less than 15 credits (excluding credit earned while in high school via dual or concurrent enrollment and/or AP and IB credits).

For more information please contact the Central Admissions Office at 800-621-8559 or email:

The Western Undergraduate Exchange is a program of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE).

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