Get CMC Credit for Knowledge & Experience with Challenge Exams

Challenge Exam Requirements & Restrictions

Students may take a challenge exam in lieu of enrolling in and taking a course. A challenge exam is the equivalent of a comprehensive final examination for the course.

Students must be currently enrolled in other classes at Colorado Mountain College to qualify for a challenge exam but prior to completing 18 credits at CMC. Any exams must be requested a minimum of 5 weeks before CMC commencement ceremony for the current semester.

If the student believes they can challenge a class, they should contact their advisor. The advisor will determine if the challenge exam exists and then coordinate an instructor/proctor, date and time of the exam, and registration of the student to the exam.

Upon completion of the exam, the instructor’s evaluation of the student’s performance is sent to the Dean. The Dean will consider this request and make a final determination about award of credit.

If successfully completed with a grade of "C-" or higher, the advisor and Registrar will be notified. The credits allowed for the course will be posted on the student's transcript with a notation indicating the credit was awarded by examination. Challenge exam grades of "D" or "F" will not be posted to the student's transcript.

Current high school students may be granted an exception to the enrollment requirement when testing as part of a high school class. Please contact a College Counselor for more details.

Students may choose to take as many approved challenge exams as they wish but can only attempt one exam per semester for each course.

Challenge Exam Fees

Challenge exams have a non-refundable fee per exam, payable to the registration staff at the student's campus. The fee is due at least one week prior to the examination date. The fees are assessed at 50% of the student's tuition rate.

Available Challenge Exams

Course Course Title Transfer Code
ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology GT-SS3
ANT 102 Cultural Anthropology Lab GT-SS3
ANT 103 Archaeology Laboratory GT-SS3
ANT 107 Intro to Archaeology GT-SS3
ANT 111 Biological Anthropology with Lab GT-SC1
ANT 215 Indians of North America GT-SS3
BIO 105 Science of Biology GT-SC1
BIO 111 General College Biology with Lab GT-SC1
BIO 112 General College Biology II with Lab GT-SC1
BIO 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I GT-SC1
BIO 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II GT-SC1
BIO 204 Microbiology GT-SC1
CHE 101 Introduction to Chemistry I GT-SC1
CHE 111 General College Chemistry I GT-SC1
CHE 112 General College Chemistry II GT-SC1
COM 220 Intercultural Communication GT-SS3
ENV 101 Introduction to Environmental Science GT-SC1
HIS 101 Western Civilization: Antiquity-1650 GT-HI1
HIS 102 Western Civilization: 1650-Present GT-HI1
HIS 121 US History to Reconstruction GT-HI1
HIS 207 American Environmental History GT-HI1
HIS 215 Women in US History GT-HI1
HIS 236 US History Since 1945 GT-HI1
HIS 247 20th Century World History GT-HI1
HIS 260 US Foreign Relations History GT-HI1
HUM 115 World Mythology GT-AH2
HUM 121 Early Civilizations GT-AH2
HUM 122 From Medieval to Modern GT-AH2
HUM 123 The Modern World GT-AH2
MAN 427 Project Management N/A
MAT 050 Quantitative Literacy N/A
MAT 055 Algebraic Literacy N/A
MAT 120 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts GT-MA1
MAT 121 College Algebra GT-MA1
MAT 122 College Trigonometry GT-MA1
MAT 125 Survey of Calculus GT-MA1
MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics GT-MA1
MAT 166 Pre-Calculus GT-MA1
MAT 201 Calculus I GT-MA1
MAT 202 Calculus II GT-MA1
MAT 203 Calculus III GT-MA1
PHI 116 World Religions- East GT-AH3
PHI 218 Environmental Ethics GT-AH3
PHY 105 Conceptual Physics GT-SC1
POS 105 Introduction to Political Science GT-SS1
POS 111 American Government GT-SS1
PSY 101 General Psychology I GT-SS3
PSY 102 General Psychology II GT-SS3
PSY 226 Social Psychology GT-SS3
PSY 235 Human Growth and Development GT-SS3
PSY 238 Child Development GT-SS3
PSY 240 Health Psychology GT-SS3
PSY 249 Abnormal Psychology GT-SS3
PSY 265 Psychology of Personality GT-SS3
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology I GT-SS3
SOC 102 Introduction to Sociology II GT-SS3
SOC 207 Environmental Sociology GT-SS3
SOC 215 Contemporary Social Problems GT-SS3
SOC 216 Sociology of Gender GT-SS3
THE 105 Theatre Appreciation GT-AH1
THE 108 Theater Script Analysis GT-AH1
THE 211 Development of Theatre Greek-Renaissance GT-AH1
THE 212 Development of Theatre Restoration to Modern GT-AH1
THE 215 Playwriting GT-AH1