Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies

Become a leader in the societal transformation towards environmental responsibility and social justice

The Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies gives you the skills to drive collective social and environmental action through politics, economics, culture, and psychology. This degree prepares you for meaningful careers in climate change adaptation, sustainability coordination, responsible activism, community planning and much more.

This program requires you to transcend the status quo and become an integrated systems-thinker and doer. Through hands-on practice, you gain a deep understanding of the complex relationships between humans and the environment, and how to turn that knowledge into a career with positive impact. Our approach to sustainability is based in scientific research, social relationships, creative action, and hope.

Our campuses are located in desirable mountain communities, with renowned sustainability movements offering exciting student opportunities. Community partners include global innovators in sustainable tourism, nonprofits leading the clean energy revolution, real-life regenerative farmers, municipalities fostering community resilience, agencies advancing species conservation, and grass-roots movements for racial equity.

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