Adult High School Education

CMC GED students at their commencement ceremony.

Adult High School Diploma Program

Earn your high school diploma as an adult at CMC

Earn your high school diploma in just one semester for a fraction of the cost of high school equivalency or GED programs offered elsewhere. Colorado Mountain College’s Adult High School Diploma (AHSD) program results in an actual high school diploma, and classes are designed for busy adults who may have been away from school for many years.

CMC’s program is offered in English and Spanish, and you can take classes at your own pace, in the classroom and from your home.

People with high school diplomas earn $180 / week more than those without diplomas, and graduates are eligible to apply for financial aid and attend college classes – opening more doors for future careers.

Earning a high school diploma allows students to access financial assistance programs at CMC for earning certificates or degrees to further their educational and occupational goals which ultimately increases earning potential.


The cost of the Adult High School Diploma at CMC is $50, including tuition and testing fees.

Schedule an appointment to talk with an advisor / Haga una cita para platicar con un asesor

Make an appointment / Haga una cita

How to Apply to CMC and Register for AHSD Classes

Step 1

Apply to CMC

If you have never taken a CMC class before or have been away for three semesters or more, please fill out this form to apply to CMC. This is not your class registration.

Apply to CMC

Step 2

The day after submitting your application, contact or visit your campus to register and pay for your classes.