Human Services

Join the professionals who strive to improve the lives of others

A host of community and social services need the best educated and clinically trained graduates. CMC provides experiential, science-driven learning in a wide range of practices. Add to your skills and resume with specific certificates, or build your knowledge and fluency from the ground up with a complete bachelor degree curriculum.

Earn an Associate of Arts with an emphasis in Addiction Studies. CMC students apply the core competencies for behavioral and counseling work in clinically supervised settings. Graduates will be well prepared to apply for the Certified Addiction Technician certification.

CMC's certificates of proficiency in Certified Addiction Technician and Certified Addiction Specialist deliver experiences in the mandatory coursework, meeting the state and national standards for addiction work.

Prepare for a wide range of work opportunities in community, social or personal human services. Or build a solid foundation while minimizing your higher education costs before pursuing graduate degrees.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Human Services encompasses psychology, relationships, behavioral modification, addictions, sustainable human development, abuse, mental health, family dynamics and more.

Gain valuable insight into the mind and the social sciences that influence its behavior with an Associate of Arts with an emphasis in Psychology. Save money by earning transferable credits at a low tuition rate while building the skills to succeed academically.

Exercise your analytical mind while laying the groundwork for a career in science or medicine. Build upon the foundation of a liberal arts education specializing in the technical science of the mind with an Associate of Science with an emphasis in Psychology.

Provide essential support services in your community as a social worker while earning an Associate of Arts with an emphasis in Social Work. Complete two years of social work education while earning transferable credits at CMC’s affordable tuition rates. Transfer to Metro State University to complete the Bachelor of Social Work degree.